An End Suction Single Stage pump is the most common class of centrifugal pump and an original water hero. Its simple design has been tried and tested for centuries, with first designs and use dating back to 1687.  Single-stage centrifugal pumps consist of one impeller rotating on a shaft within a pump casing which is designed to produce fluid flow when driven by a motor.



Compared with multi-stage pump, which are more complex in structure and require higher maintenance, the advantages of the single pump are that they are simple in structure, stable in operation, and easy to maintain. They are cost effective and reliable.



Our ECW series are single stage, end suction, back pull out, top centerline discharge type. These are offered with different material of construction to handle clear and slight raw water. Dynamically balanced impeller also ensures vibration and noise free operation for long life. Mounting and duties are in accordance with EN 733 with DIN flanges suitable for continuous operation




Robust shaft design

Closed impeller with back vanes providing axial balancing of impeller loads

Optimized hydraulic design

Optional common stuffing box for both gland and mechanical seal

Back pull out design for ease of maintenance






Utility water supply in commercial buildings

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Pumping brines and oils

Fire fighting

Water transfer & boosting


Filling and draining of tanks and reservoir



The efficiency and low cost of the end suction pump is thanks to its simple design. It does not use valves, contains very few moving parts and takes up very little space – its the reason why this pump is one of our Water Heroes.



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