A vortex pump (also called a vortex impeller) is based on the principle of creating a vortex flow with a recessed impeller that is positioned away from the path of the liquid. The pump creates a circular churning motion around an axis to create suction. The fluid flows into the volute and out through discharge. When a solid enters the pump’s inlet, it becomes entangled in the product flow and is sucked into the vortex; much like a hurricane sucks up objects. The solid exits the vortex via the discharge passage, bypassing the impeller.


Applications for Vortex Pumps

  • Chemical Industries – abrasive raw material applications
  • Power generation industry – fly ash, coal handling and dewatering
  • Sewage and dirty water transportation
  • Paper & Forestry – wood chip, pulp and bark
  • Construction Industry – dirty water transportation
  • Mining Industry – Coal, gold, platinum, diamond mining, solids and slurry handling

Our large range of Vortex pumps are both rugged and reliable and can operate in a vast range of applications.


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