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Dewatering pumps are often installed to move waste-water from a range of domestic and industrial sites, including private housing, farmland, construction and mining sites. They deal in underground dewatering; usually when gravity can’t be applied to move the water, in this respect a drainage pump is similar to a sewage pump.

Non-Submersible Dewatering Pumps

A non-submersible drainage pump is not placed directly in water; instead, it uses suction hoses and permanent pipework to transport the waste-water from the unwanted location. This type of drainage pump is often used when pumping waste-water from ponds, and other mobile drainage requirements.

Submersible Dewatering Pumps

A submersible drainage pump will collect water from the base of the unit and transport the water up and out of the system and include a no return valve to ensure there is no potentially damaging backflow.

Stator stocks a vast range of both submersible and non-submersible dewatering pumps. Our pumps are designed for typical drainage applications involving small particles with models ranging between 4kW to 90kW. Our range includes both Standard Drainage Pumps and Flameproof Drainage Pumps. Flameproof units are used in the construction and underground use of flammable mines that may contain methane gas.