Buying new pumps in Johannesburg

We supply the best quality pumps at the best pricing for various industries

Buy New Pumps Today In Johannesburg

Pumps of different types and specifications are essential to a variety of applications in a number of industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care, household, chemical and petrochemical, mining, water treatment, agriculture, pulp and paper… the list goes on and on!

Today you can buy new pumps with ease from established suppliers – and purchasing online is more viable than ever before.  You can find numerous types of pumps online, including diaphragm, drum, gear, magnetic drive, peristaltic, piston, screw channel, transfer, centrifugal, hydraulic, shear, sump, vacuum, and many more.

At Stator Machine Sales and Procurement solutions, you’ll find a variety of new pumps to choose from, all from reputable OEM’s – all Stator’s products carry a manufacturers warranty and are built with keeping the highest quality at the best prices in mind.

Simplifying the Buying Process in Johannesburg

If you are a Buyer, a manufacturing company, production Manager, or simply looking to buy manufacturing equipment and products online, then Stator is for you. Buyers at Stator can look forward to finding the widest range of equipment and supplies, at very reasonable prices, from reputable manufacturers. Instead of searching through an enormous number of online forums, or physically visiting various brick and mortar equipment businesses, you can get access to the exact equipment you need, with the click of a button