Horizontal multistage centrifugal pump consists of two or more impellers on the same shaft. Each stage consists of an impeller and ring section casing. Dynamically balanced impellers are provided with replaceable wear ring to maintain optimum clearance for better efficiency. The balancing of axial thrust can be enhanced by arranging the stages back to back in pairs or groups. Pump shaft is supported with bush bearing on each casing to withstand maximum radial thrust. Between bearing design provides hydraulic balance, hence eliminating axial thrust.


  • Wide operating ranges
  • Different material option
  • Dynamic balanced rotating parts
  • Heavy duty bearings for long life


  • High pressure application in industries
  • Boiler feed water
  • Pressure boosting system
  • Community water supply system
  • Utility water supply in industries
  • Irrigation
  • Fire fighting system
  • High pressure application in water treatment plant

Additional information

Standard Manufacturer Standard
Head up to 1110m
Maximum Flow up to 810m³/h
Speed 1450/2900 RPM
Impeller Type Enclosed Impeller
Outlet Size up to 300mm
Power up to 1300kW
Liquid Temperature up to 90°C
Max Solid Size Not applicable
Shaft Seal Gland packing,
Mechanical seal
Material of Construction (MOC) Cast iron, Bronze, Stainless steel & Alloy steel
Bearing Lubrication Grease & oil
Flange Standard DIN
Maximum Working Pressure up to 30bar